Why Environmental Health Is Important?

The world is as of now under the arrest of a Global Pandemic and this is not the only concern. Improving and maintaining the health of the environment is one of the greatest needs of the hour. These days, it is often seen in environmental health news, that the on-going atmospheric conditions over the last one and a half decade have greatly damaged our physical and mental health, which paved the way for greater damages by COVID-19. Now, this is a big wake up call.

Here are some of the reasons why environmental health is important.

Air quality levels – The most vital element for life on and off the surface, the air has never been this poisonous before. This poison coming out from exhausts of automobiles, industrial units, and aerosol sprays is becoming one of the major reasons for cancers and respiratory problems.

Water quality on the surface and below – Another important factor for sustaining life is the availability of drinking water. This resource is essential for the proper functioning of all the body functions and helps us to fight a plethora of diseases and disorders. Unfortunately, water quality is also degrading due to the excessive chemical discharges into the water bodies, damaging the livelihood in and outside water.

Climate Influence – Now, with the damage that polluted air and water are posing; comes the damage that goes on proportionally. Climate changes are evident in every season with extreme temperatures in both the seasons and droughts during the rainy season. The rise in the global temperature is causing the polar ice to melt, rising water levels and submerging coastal areas and islands.

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